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Why is Childhood Important?


It is said that prevention is better than cure. So, it is better to prevent a disease from an early stage than treating it. There are many diseases that were common in the country and all over the world like polio, measles, pertussis, diphtheria, mumps, rubella, tetanus, rotavirus, etc. All of these diseases can be treated or prevented now with the help of vaccination. In the early days one of the most common and life-threating diseases was smallpox but all thanks to vaccines, this disease no longer exists in this world. Overall these years vaccines have cured a number of life-threatening diseases and have saved millions of lives.

Immunity Helps To Fight Against Disease

The immunity of the body is the only way to fight against any kind of diseases. Every child is born with an immune system that has glands, cells, organs and fluids that are located all over the body. Whenever any kind of bacteria or germs enter the body, the immune system detects it and as the germs are the foreign invaders (also called antigens). The immune system of the body then produces a kind of protein called the antibodies which helps in fighting the germs.

If a child is affected by a virus for the first time say measles virus then the immune system of the child will start to fight against the virus. This might take time as the immune system is not so fast enough to fight the antigens that cause the diseases, so the child will get sick.

However, after a few years if the germs enter the body of the child again when the immune system will be able to produce antibodies quickly and keep the antigens away causing the disease. This is known as immunity. It would be more helpful if there was any other way to give immunity to a disease without letting the child get sick first.

How Vaccines Help Children?

Vaccines contain the same types of antigens or the parts of the antigens that cause the disease. For example, the measles vaccine contains the measles virus. But the antigens that are present in the vaccine are either weakened or killed. They are so weakened that the disease doesn’t affect the child or cause any disease. However, the antigens are strong enough that they help the immune system to produce antibodies that lead to immunity. Speaking of other words, a vaccine is a much safer substitute for the first exposure of a child to the disease. The child will get protection without even getting sick. So, it can be said that the child will get immunity without even suffering from the actual disease that the vaccines help in preventing. You can take your child to baby vaccination Singapore to vaccinate with all the essential vaccines.

Some Important Facts

  • The newborn babies are immune to most of the diseases because they get antibodies from their mother. However, this immunity is eliminated when the child is one year of age
  • If a child is unvaccinated and is exposed to a disease then the body of the child is not enough strong to fight the disease
  • Immunising the children also helps in protecting the community especially those who cannot be immunized
    The diseases that are vaccine-preventable might cost you a lot of money or sometimes your child’s life as well. Make sure you vaccinate your child with all the required vaccination. You can also contact clinics of baby vaccination Singapore for more information.

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