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What You Should Do After Experiencing a Slip and Fall Injury


Slip and fall injuries result in serious harm including neck injuries or broken limbs. You can also fall and damage something important like your wrist. The injuries you sustain can weaken you for days, months, or years. Who will pay the bills as you recover from the fall? The person responsible for your predicament should pay them. Remember, property owners have an obligation to their clients. More specifically, they should display signs that warn you of a slippery floor. Additionally, they should compensate you for your troubles if they behaved negligently. However, they will only do so if you take some steps after your accident. Here is what you should do after experiencing a slip and fall injury.

– Seek Medical Attention Immediately

The most important thing in life is a healthy body so seek medical attention immediately so that doctors can deal with any complications that arose because of the accident. Visiting a health center is critical even if you feel okay. Remember, some injuries are internal so seeing a doctor is the best thing you can do. Only he can diagnosis you and then tell you that you are okay. Make sure that the documents every injury you suffered because of the accident in addition to the complications that arose after it.

– Report the Accident as Soon as Possible

Property owners will argue that you did not inform them of the accident in time and therefore, you must be lying about it. Giving them a chance to advance such an argument against you is unwise. Instead, inform them of your predicament immediately. Taking photos or videos of the scene is also important because refuting visual evidence is impossible. However, informing the parties responsible for your plight does not mean that you should do so in detail. For example, recording a statement without your attorney’s input is ill-advised.

– Talk To Any Relevant Party at the Scene

You can suffer from a slip & fall injury when you are in a store, a friend’s house, or an apartment building. Look around for onlookers who might have witnessed your troubles. Approach them and gather their details including their name, contact numbers, and their physical address. These witnesses will help you when you are defending yourself before a court of law. More specifically, they will tell the truth. You should note that surveillance cameras operated by security personnel in adjacent buildings might be of great help to you. Asking for surveillance footage from the owners of these buildings is a good idea.

– Stay Away From Social Media. Hire a Competent Lawyer

Your posts on social media platforms are open to misinterpretation. For example, people think that you are feigning injury if your pictures on Instagram look upbeat. Stay away from social media so that the defendant in your case does not use your latest posts as evidence. Finally, hire a competent attorney to take care of your case. Lawyers such as David Resnick and Associates understand what they are doing. For example, did you know that this firm secured over $60 million in compensation for its clients? Click on get started.

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