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What Happens When You Mix Alcohol and Cbd Oil?


Products mixed with CBD (cannabidiol) oil are certainly on the rise. There are creams for topical use, liquids to use in vaping devices, and you’ll also find edibles that contain CBD. You can even visit farms that offer high CBD hemp seeds for sale, along with other organic products.

A little newer to the mix are CBD-infused drinks. In fact, CBD-infused beer recently made an appearance on the market in states where it’s legal. But just because these drinks are a new product in the liquor store doesn’t mean they are a completely new idea. Ever since it has become easier to purchase CBD, people have been mixing it with all kinds of substances, including alcohol. The question everyone is asking is, is it safe?

What are the effects of mixing CBD and alcohol?

It’s important to note that CBD does not contain THC, the substance found in marijuana that gets you high. However, CBD does have some of the same mellowing effects of marijuana. It can relax you and lower your inhibitions. And for a lot of people, alcohol does the same thing. So, as you might guess, mixing the two can make you feel almost catatonic. For other people, however, alcohol has the opposite effect. It can make people feel violent or angry. In these cases, CBD may serve to lessen those behaviors, which could be a positive outcome for a lot of people.

Are there any risks in mixing CBD and alcohol?

Because alcohol can impair your motor skills, there is always a risk associated with consuming too much of it. And mixing it with CBD oil usually serves to strengthen those effects. Since both substances tend to affect everyone differently, knowing your own limitations will help you understand how it will alter your behavior. For example, if you have a tendency to get sleepy when you drink, mixing in CBD might make it worse. If this is the case, you should plan ahead of time to be in a safe place where you won’t have to drive. This is especially true if it’s your first time to mix the substances since you don’t yet know how it will affect you.

Are there any benefits to mixing CBD and alcohol?

In a study done on ten healthy individuals, the combination of these two substances actually showed positive results. The subjects were given CBD plus alcohol in capsules then tested for impairments. While the study indicated significant motor skill impairment, it also showed much lower blood alcohol levels. In other words, taking CBD with alcohol may prevent blood alcohol poisoning while still allowing consumers to experience the relaxing effects of taking both.

Another study showed that CBD oil protects the liver from the progressive damage alcohol can inflict on it. Because the oil has been proven to work as an antioxidant, using it while drinking may prevent the oxidative stress that alcohol puts on the liver.

The benefits of CBD may be yet to be seen. Although there are hundreds of studies that have been conducted on the substance, scientists still have a lot to learn. The health benefits of ingesting CBD or using it topically have been shown to be quite numerous. And taking it with alcohol could be one of the most beneficial. Just be sure to experiment responsibly and know your limitations. Never mix substances you haven’t tried before if you know you will have to drive.

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