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Vaping and Calories: Healthy Insights for You to Know


The number of people who are adopting vaping as a hobby is increasing by the day according to experts. Many of them believe that it is a healthier alternative to smoking. Besides, it is a trendy fashion according to the younger generation and the celebrity community. But there is one concern that many people have. Does vaping add more calories to your daily life?

E-juice flavors emulate food items, plants and flowers among many other things. As such, people tend to think that such e-juices contain calories just like the actual food items. However, experts have confirmed that a cola-flavored e-juice will not supply the body with calories like the real cola. If you are still concerned, let us dive into insights that will help you to understand more about this topic.

Does E-Juice Have Calories?

In an actual sense, e-juice contains calories. If you look at ingredients such as VG, PG and the flavors, these are food-grade ingredients that contain some calories. According to experts, each milliliter of e-juice might have up to 5 calories depending on the ingredients that it contains. So, a whole bottle of about 100 ml will pack around 500 calories. This sounds like quite a lot to many, and it has become a significant concern.

But should it be of concern to you? Counting the number of calories in the e-juice that you consume in a day is not necessary. Actually, no one will advise you to do this. These calories are not transferred into the body because one inhales the vapor into the lungs and then exhales it.

What Research Shows

Currently, there is research that shows that vaping has no effect on blood sugar levels. This means that the vapor does not carry calories to create a spike in blood sugar, which is the first effect of calories. So, even as you visit a popular e cigarette shop to buy your vape device, e-juice and other accessories, there is nothing to fear particularly if you are on a weight-loss journey.

Shockingly, researchers have yet to fully understand what happens when vapor is inhaled into the lungs. We do know that the calories are not digested for breakdown, which is the case when we eat food that contains calories.

So, Does Vaping Increase or Reduce Weight?

While people incorrectly think that vaping e-juice that contains calories will sabotage weight loss efforts, there is some information indicating that nicotine-based e-juice contributes to weight loss. As we all know, this ingredient of vape juice suppresses appetite. The result is a decreased probability of eating a lot of food. Additionally, users will have reduced cravings for sugar since nicotine lowers insulin levels. Lastly, this also contributes to a higher metabolism, which means that more calories will be burnt by the body. So, instead of increasing your weight, vaping might turn out to be a great aid in losing weight especially if other methods such as appropriate diet and exercise are used.


From the above insights, it is clear that vaping is a good thing for people who are on a weight loss journey. However, you should use it together with other strategies to get the best results. As this happens, people can only wait for extensive research on vaping from the experts to better understand this topic.

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