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The Cost of Coolsculpting Fat Treatment Method


Losing fat is as important as looking good and there is a lot of tussle in the cosmetic market for the winning procedure that accomplishes the fat victims’ goals effectively. Competitive options are surgical procedures, low-calorie meals, intensive exercise, and so on. However, numerous procedures still do not guarantee effective results.

It can be frustrating to subdue the pressure that comes with being overweight or out of shape. Practically, most victims gulp whatever is presented to them as a solution just so they can shed some weight. Many have become victims of fraudsters in the ‘weight loss’ scheme. Now, fat victims are in search of laudable methods that actually work.

So how much will the innovative CoolScultping procedure cost you?

Depending on the treatment area, the cost may vary. In addition, your long-term goals and the required number of sessions will contribute to the final cost. For this reason, patients are advised to come up with customized treatment plans which can match both your needs and budget for the treatment.

This is the reason some treatment centers hardly put their price list on their website. Two patients can never have the same treatment plans or goals. A more effective method is to call the CoolSculpting professional for some consultation and guide about the budget.

Determinants of cost

As said earlier, no two areas will make use of the same applicator. The more concentrated the fat tissue, the wider the area of coverage and the larger the applicator. For some people, two or more applicators may be required in the overall process.

Largest applicator – CoolMax costs $1,250 per hour

As the most expensive on the list of applicators, it can cover a large area of body tissue. It is known as a ‘debulking treatment’ because of its ability to reduce volume. To get the desired result, it is always good to combine this applicator with a smaller version.

Small applicator – costs $750 per hour

These small applicators come in three varieties which are:

  1. CoolCore – Most women deal with excess fat at their waistlines. This is why it is the most suitable for the treatment. It is slightly curved to suit the body contour around the stomach.
  2. CoolCurve+ – This treats the love handles and flank. For each side, use about two applicators.
  3. CoolFit – This applicator is straight unlike others and focuses on the inner thighs, the abdomen, and the backs of arms. It also smoothens out unwanted bulges.
  4. CoolSmooth – this costs about $1,000 for each leg. While it may seem almost impossible to get rid of cellulite, CoolSculpting is highly capable to give you close to 90% success. CoolSmooth, unlike the rest, works on non-pinchable fat without suction. It yields a two-hour treatment because it cools the tissue from either side. Its common application area is the inner thigh.
    Transformation plan

Cosmetic procedures in Canada are of high rates between $1,500 to $2,500. Although they hire professionals there is a possibility for the procedure to cost up to $10,000 in total.

With CoolSculpting, you will spend about $1,200 or half the price to get effective treatment. If you have larger surface areas, you may be looking at an approximate cost of $4,000.

Also, you can pay in installments to get a procedure done overtime. Make sure to consult treatment centers to confirm their mode of operation as every center will not have the same policy.

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