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Jerky’s – an Option for Healthier Meat


Food items available today are all adulterated be it vegetarian or non – vegetarian items. Plants are sprayed with numerous toxic pesticides and chemicals to keep them longer and to enhance growth or to ripen the fruits. Similarly, meat items are also not safe. Cattle and poultry are fed with Growth Hormones. They are also injected to the body of these animals to enhance growth and size and weight of the animals increases rapidly within a few days. All these hormones when reaches the human body through food becomes more poisonous. At this point comes the relevance of organic beef jerky. What is it? Why does it become relevant? Where and how is it produced? Let us try to answer all these questions.

Firstly, it is the meat produced from cattle that are selected and given only plant-derived food and not any animal products or growth hormones. The meat of these animals, thus, become free of any harmful fat or hormones, which become extremely harmful on entering the human body. Sometimes the meat is trimmed of any excess fat if present. Thus, all those fat that can get dumped in our body making us obese is removed without letting it get inside our body.

In the food, several scientific kinds of research have proved that several toxins that enter our body through the food chain gets to its maximum in the human body and the worst result is faced by human beings. This is the reason why organic beef jerky is relevant today. As they are organically fed cattle the amount of fat in their body is less and we get protein-rich meat. Like this, we get lean meat and this makes it healthy for us.

The process of preparing beef jerky includes cutting the meat into thin slices and drying it on very low heat with salt to avoid bacterial attack after drying which can preserve it for a longer time. Nowadays, many companies are marinating this type of meat with various spices for marketing it with different flavors. The Addition of these spices can add flavor and also chances of MSG and gluten are also high which may make it harmful for health.

Jerky is popular in the US and Canadian markets. Apart from these countries nowadays it is gaining its position in the markets of New Zealand, U.K, Australia, and China too. In the U.S, New Zealand and all, there are farms for rearing cattle herds with grass feeds alone. And these castles are used for preparing the jerky.

Although new adulterations happen to jerky’s too, there are many unadulterated jerkies still available in the market. A proper search can end in an unadulterated jerky which is healthier than the normal meat we get these days. Junk food is a trend of these modern days. But the trend can disappear one day, leaving us to a lot killing diseases such as cancer, tumors, etc. Regretting upon a spoilt life is of no use. Be aware and take healthy food, have a healthy life.

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