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How to Avoid the Artificial Look When Getting Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure, and it is typically sought after by people who simply want their chest to be a couple of sizes bigger. The procedure has also been around long enough that most of the initial difficulties have been eliminated. Implants are now sturdy enough that leaks are rare, and they are likely to stay in their proper positions for years. One issue that can still remain, however, is the problem of getting natural-looking results. Fortunately, it’s not hard to avoid the problem of ending up with a chest that looks obviously fake.

In most cases, a fake-looking chest results from choosing implants that are too big for the amount of skin available to cover them. This forces the surgeon to stretch the skin tightly, and in turn, the stretched skin allows too much of the implants’ shape to show through. The clear edges of an implant are dead giveaways to the question of how the chest got to be the size that it is. Real breasts don’t have edge lines, but instead, connect to the chest wall in a smooth and natural way.

Even people who have enough skin can end up with an artificial look if they go for implants that are overly large. The most telltale sign in these cases is a giant chest on a thin body. While people like Dolly Parton have managed this look naturally, it’s rare enough that it won’t look legitimate on first glance.

To avoid these problems, most surgeons who perform Miami breast augmentation suggest going up just one or two sizes. While this won’t usually create a massively busty appearance, it will create a natural one. Most enlargement patients are actually happier with the natural look in the long run because it looks like they are just lucky in terms of how they look.

For some people, it can be a good idea to get multiple breast procedures done at once as part of a surgical cosmetic makeover. One popular choice is to get a breast lift along with an enlargement. This takes care of the problem of sagging breasts while giving them a bit of something extra to make them really stand out.

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