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Crack Addiction: No Longer a ‘cheap’ High


In Canada, crack is becoming a plague attacking every age group it comes in contact with. While it is safe to say that people consider crack to be enjoyable, this is not the only reason for its notorious nature. Generally, purchasing crack doesn’t put a hole in the pocket – it is very affordable. By extension, crack is a cheap addiction. The less the cost, the easier the purchase, and the more the addiction.

The relatively low cost of crack makes it easily available to the less privileged in times of depression. To them, it is an inexpensive yet effective version of cocaine. This doesn’t mean that only people in the low-class purchase crack. Crack addiction is inclusive of all races, backgrounds, and classes. Regardless of background, crack is highly addictive and irresistible.

Like cocaine, addiction to crack comes with many side effects ranging from physical to mental depending on the level of severity. The commonest problems are seen in the cardiovascular system. High blood pressure and increased heart rate often result in dilated pupils, anxiety, and reduced mental alertness. In addition to that, sleeplessness and cold flashes are felt. In more severe cases, psychosis and paranoia are the grand players of the day.

Increased ingestion of crack builds up the person’s resistance to the deadly substance. You will find out that if two persons take the same amount of crack, there is a tendency that one person will feel the effect more than the other. Thus, the less affected person resorts to increased dosage.

The effect of crack, in some cases, can be treated. This is why some parts of Canada have addiction treatment centers whose main focus is to treat crack addicts. Crack withdrawal symptoms are physical and psychological pain felt in the process of detoxification.

Furthermore, treated crack addicts can testify to the severity and difficulty in hindering the addiction. But it is often easier when the addicts make a personal decision to stop, and makes conscious efforts to bridge the gap.

It is important to note that the battle is not lost yet. The extent of addiction doesn’t exactly mean that you’ve reached a point of no return.

In general cases, an addict is advised to combine the detoxification process with another more effective addictive treatment for better results.

During the period of treatment, the addict is taught to control the urge for the substance. The level of temptation may be tested by trying to lure them with an amount of crack. When this individual reaches a point where he can resist the urge to snort crack, it is stated that the success rate is high.

Most importantly, crack addicts require a high level of support and engagement to be rid of the addiction. Treatment centers offer guidance and counseling that can effectively help the addict to overcome the problem of addiction.

Interestingly, the fatality of crack addiction is reportedly high. But the potency of the treatment can be increased by employing professional hands with years of expertise.

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