No one truly understands the pain of hemorrhoids until it is experienced first hand. Since the intensity of the discomfort can range from mild to severe, there’s not a single approach ideal for every situation. People who want to get rid of hemorrhoids can try three types of strategies and see which one provides the most relief. Home Remedies This approach is usually the first line of defense and focuses on using things that are already found around the house.

One strategy that does seem to help a number of people early on is soaking in a warm bath for at least 20 minutes. Along with gently cleaning the anal area, it also helps to soothe the inflamed tissues. Another way to prevent further irritation is to replace toilet paper with something that is soft and moist. Make sure the product does not contain alcohol or perfume, as those ingredients will increase the discomfort noticeably.

If necessary, the affected area can be patted dry with a soft cloth after the cleaning. Over the Counter Products, Another way to go is to try topical ointments and other over the counter products to help ease the pain and promote healing. The topical creams are applied directly to the affected area. There are even suppositories that can be inserted anally with and will provide a reasonable amount of relief for many people.

For pain management, some type of oral medication like aspirin or acetaminophen will come in handy. Visit the doctor when homes remedies and over the counter products seem to be accomplishing nothing, it’s time to see a physician. A medical professional can perform an examination, determine the state of the hemorrhoids, and write a prescription for something that will put the patient on the road to recovery.

Hemorrhoids do not go away without some type of treatment. For this reason, don’t attempt to tough it out and hope for the best. Try simple remedies and if they don’t produce any results, schedule an appointment with a doctor immediately. The problem will soon be under control, and the patient can get back to the day to day tasks without being in constant pain.