Health experts recommend using CBD after understanding it thoroughly. One of the concerns of many people is how long it stays in your system after taking it. The simplest answer you will get is up to 5 days, but the period varies in different people. Of course, there are factors that come into play to determine how long it will take for CBD to get out of your system. Here are these factors.

  •       The dose – people who take a higher dose to mitigate acute conditions like chronic pain should expect the product to linger for longer in their bodies. Usually, CBD concentrates or even some oils are used in these situations.
  •       Method of consumption – surprisingly, it has been confirmed that using the sublingual method to take CBD has more effect than other methods. The CBD gets absorbed into the brain first and then into other body areas. But if you ingest it together with food, much of it might find its way out before it is absorbed into the body. Thus, it will take less time for it to be cleared from the body if it is ingested.
  •       Frequency of use – do you take CBD every day or once in a week, or is it your first time? The more frequently it is taken, the longer it will stay in the body. If you are about to take a drug test and are worried that this might be a hitch, it is best to allocate about 15 to 20 days without using it before the test.

The Reaction of the Body to CBD

People have different reactions to CBD. This is why the health benefits are not the same across all people. When you visit a reputable website to get more info about CBD, you can discuss this issue with them. Some people experience negative reactions, and this means that they have to reduce intake or stop altogether. Such a body might take a shorter time to flush this unwanted content out of the system.

But if its use is having a positive impact, the body might want to utilize every bit of it, and this may allow it to remain in the body longer. Besides, the user will be tempted to use it more often to increase the benefits.

Why Are People Concerned?

There are some instances when CBD is not recommended. Health experts discourage its use when breastfeeding. Likewise, it is not recommended for pregnant women. Therefore, women will be advised to stop using it when 4 to 6 months pregnant and should refrain until they are finished with breastfeeding. Currently, there is no clear research on its effect on nursing babies.

As mentioned earlier, CBD is also not recommended if you are about to take a drug test. Although it is not psychoactive, it will show up as a drug since it is a cannabinoid. Do not use CBD for 20 days before a drug test.

The Takeaway

CBD can take varying durations to be cleared from the body. If you understand the above insights, you can easily be prepared for different situations that require you to be free of CBD.