Believe it or not, focused 60seconds can stop the forward momentum of anxiety and nervousness. And before you become skeptical, anybody can do it with some practice. It all begins with a moment of quiet.  if I can do it with a full-time freelance career, a part-time teaching job, five children (one who is two), their commitments, etc., then you can do it too. You don’t have to set aside a whole day, just grab whatever time you can for a short meditative break. Being constantly busy induces stress and makes it hard to effectively communicate with others. Fortunately, a 60-second meditation break is a natural antidote for a busy lifestyle. Taking yourself out of the rat race can.

Retrain you to live in the present

Give you the focus you need to concentrate on one thing at a time.
Help you deal with problems rather than being distracted by unnecessary worries.
Teach you to slow down.
Help you respond more creatively to pressures.
Train you to be comfortable with a quieter, more serene mind You can enjoy peacefulness in the midst of the busiest schedule. We often think meditation has to be hard or take a long time to achieve, but that’s not applicable here. All it takes is a moment or two of stillness to help clear our thoughts. If you open yourself to a new way of viewing life, even for 60 seconds, you will have made an enormously powerful start. In order to achieve a moment of serenity, you need to practice some meditation basics.
If you’re the type of person who finds it hard to relax, start meditating in tiny increments – two or three minutes – and gradually increase the time you practice. Below is a three-step meditation. Begin by spending one to four minutes on each step until you can actually find time to meditate longer.

1. Relax: Slowly scan your body, releasing muscle groups one at a time. Just take a couple of deep breaths and your body will unwind within seconds.

2. Center: Focus your attention completely on each inhalation and exhalation. This mindfulness will calm you and bring you into the present moment.

3. Release: Take a deep breath and wiggle your fingers and toes. Acknowledge yourself for taking time out and consider what you’ve accomplished with the experience.

Commit yourself to this practice

Now you’re ready to continue or begin your day with fresh insight. Commit yourself to this practice for at least a month. If you really can’t find time, try meditating while you are in the bathroom. The shower is an excellent place to relax. Just give meditation a chance. You may not feel results immediately, but as you practice it more, you’ll notice that you’re not as caught up in the daily stresses.
Through meditation, you will develop an appreciation for the process of living, not just the end result.