There are many drugs out there and odds are that you know someone who has a problem. Addiction comes in many different forms, from heavy drugs such as cocaine and meth to something as simple as caffeine addiction or an eating disorder. If you’re wondering how to help your loved one during his or her struggle, here are a few ideas.

Don’t Blame Him or Her and Be Understanding

Addicts usually start their addictions because of personal issues. It is very important not to blame them for getting hooked and to simply support them. They’re going to go through a hard struggle and it is important for them to have a strong support network instead of a reason to continue their addiction.

When going through detox, your loved one is going to be going through a very hard time. He or she is going to be in pain, both mentally and physically. This may cause him or her to get angry and lash out at you for no reason. Please remember that it’s not really him or her; it’s the addiction. Be understanding when he or she goes through withdrawal and remind yourself that it’s only for a couple of weeks.

Check on His or Her Mental Health Often

Most addicts start and continue to use drugs because of mental health issues. Studies show that addictions such as alcoholism and opiate addictions are heavily linked to mental health disorders, such as depression. It’s a good idea to check on your loved one often to make sure he or she is not feeling depressed or unwell.

It is important that your loved one seeks out help. It is very hard to quit addiction alone and sometimes support from you may not be enough. Suggest therapy, or maybe a detox center or rehab, so that he or she can receive proper care. If he or she decides on a detox center, make sure you write plenty of letters to let him or her know that you support his or her decision.

Don’t Enable

If your loved one ever asked you for money for drugs, it’s a good idea to stop giving him or her money overall. Addiction is a manipulative disease and most addicts will do whatever is necessary to get their next fix. A tough-love approach may be difficult because the addict may try to manipulate you. Stay strong. It’s going to be worth it.

Make Sure He or She Is Safe

Most addicts will put themselves in all sorts of situations to get their drugs. Addiction is a powerful disease that will cause people to do all sorts of things from shark loans to prostitution. Check on him or her often to make sure he or she is safe.

Another thing to remember when he or she is going through detox is that detoxing, especially from hardcore drugs, causes physical symptoms that are dangerous to the addict. When he or she is detoxing, ensure that he or she is in a safe and protected area and keep a close eye on him or her. Seizures are common, so you may have to take a trip to the hospital if the detox gets too bad.