Bypass gastrectomy is considered to be among the most effective weight-loss treatments. Still, desired results are highly related to an individual health condition and body reaction to the change. Few years passed after the operation, and even a strict diet and sports didn’t get you any closer to a balanced lifestyle? If that sounds familiar, you might need a revision. Get to know the 5 most common reasons for it.

1. Inadequate weight loss

A professional gastric bypass revision might be offered if the patient’s weight loss is inadequate. Even then, experts who performed the operation and took care of you after it would first consider the reasons. Sometimes, it’s conditioned by medical reasons, but there might also be some diet or physical activity plan discrepancies.

2. Weight relapse

Another scenario – patients lose weight, and suddenly it relapses. Again, suppose a diet and exercise plan doesn’t cause any problems. In that case, there might be related or unrelated medical reasons behind the issue. Then doctors usually prescribe new medications and tests to see if the revision would be the best way.

3. Changes in the gastrointestinal tract

Setbacks or new symptoms might occur because of the changes in the gastrointestinal tract. After the bypass gastrectomy, some patients stretch out the pouch by overeating. It’s a common reason for weight gain. If your BMI number reaches the number of 35 or 40 again, the surgeon will likely offer a revision.

4. Medical complications

Sometimes revision of the prior surgery is the only way to solve unexpected medical complications. Which could be:

  • Formation of ulcers
  • Gastric reflux
  • Difficulties absorbing nutrients
  • Scar tissue formation
  • Other cases

After an in-depth physical examination and medical testing, highly experienced professionals can assess the cause of symptoms and a need for revision.

To sum up, the most common reasons for bypass gastrectomy revision are stretched pouch, unresolved obesity-related conditions, or complications. Feeling disappointed with your results? The first step – a trustworthy team of specialists that would lead you through professional second treatment.