120 hours since public release of To Hatch Lottery


For Immediate Release: Sunday 10th July 2011

The To Hatch Charity fully and wholeheartedly welcomes all criticism.

We understand that there will be skepticism especially when this is a ground breaking global premiere. Since the release of the To Hatch Lottery on Wednesday 6th July 2011, there has been many half truths and sensationalism.

We therefore feel we have a responsibility to correct this.

The To Hatch Charity would like to list some of the key elements of the Terms and Conditions [1] to give clarity on the To Hatch Lottery.

  • The Prize is to win 1 cycle of fertility treatment and concierge services only. This means that a person or couple would win 1 cycle of IUI or IVF or ICSI or Donors or Surrogacy. The winner will not have all treatments carried out at the same time. We are catering to a wide spectrum of unique potential winners and locations and as such we have catered for these options within the £25,000 Prize Worth.
  • The £25,000 Prize Worth will cater for the worse case scenarios of infertility treatment and furthest locations possible.
  • The £25,000 Prize Worth is not redeemable. Any fertility treatment and services carried out will be paid directly to the fertility clinics and services themselves.
  • The To Hatch Lottery does not guarantee that the winner will conceive. Their treatment would be no different than if they paid it themselves. The To Hatch Lottery can only guarantee the winner an opportunity, which was and is not available to them.
  • The To Hatch Charity has been granted a ‘Remote’ Gambling Licence from the Gambling Commission [2]. The Gambling Commission are fully and coherently aware as to the execution of the To Hatch Lottery and our intentions for the launch and it’s future. Raffle tickets will not be available in ‘newsagents’ as we only have a licence to sell raffle tickets online on via the To Hatch Charity website.
  • We do not open the Prize of 1 cycle of fertility treatment and concierge services to the ‘elderly’ and they are not available to give out to anyone or available to just anyone.
  • We have a full Terms and Conditions signed to ensure that Fertility Law and Gambling Laws have been met. The Gambling Commission have strict rules by which we adhere to as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility and we update them on all changes to the Terms and Conditions which they have a copy of.
  • One of the main clauses of the Terms and Conditions is that the winner will have to undergo a full identity verification check and all winners will need to present their medical records as part of the verification process.
  • Fertility Counseling is compulsory for all winners.
  • Gambling therapy and financial advice are available should they be required.
  • All fertility drugs, accommodation, transfers and transport are inclusive of the £25,000 prize worth.
  • The To Hatch Lottery are open to single and same sex couples.
  • Currently we are only offering this Prize to residents of Great Britain in accordance with the licence we have been granted by the Gambling Commission.
  • No other source or press has given an accurate statement as to the breakdown of the £20 ticket purchase. It’s as follows: 25% goes to the To Hatch Charity; 50% is for the £25,000 prize;  20% Operational Costs; 5% Profit. We have never hidden these from anyone or the press.
  • The To Hatch Charity does not receive an income or a profit from the To Hatch Lottery other than the donated 25% stated above. We are a charity and the donated resources will be used to look different ways of funding men and women externally of the To Hatch Lottery such as grants, other charities, organisations and research.
  • We will be using polls and customer feedback software so that members can vote as to where the funding should go, what services we should be looking at or improving on the website. We aim to set the benchmark of transparency.
  • The To Hatch Lottery is managed and run by Éclore. Éclore will act as an External Lottery Manager on behalf of the To Hatch Charity. Éclore will be in receipt of 5% profit from the sales of the tickets, not the charity.[3]

We will be releasing a separate press release in response to the HFEA, other organisations and an update on the To Hatch Lottery as a result of their statement [4]

All of these queries and more will be outlined in the FAQs which we are currently uploading.

We are extremely thankful that we have opened the debate on infertility globally and to highlight that infertility itself is a medical condition.

Our energies will be channelled in the preparation of the lottery going live [5]. Please consult the website for further updates, news and we thank you all for your continuing support.

To Hatch Charity Team

For further information, please contact:

All media enquiries for To Hatch Charity: media@to-hatch.co.uk

Notes to editors:

[1] To Hatch & Éclore Terms and Conditions apply. (Currently not available until launch)

[2] UK Gambling Commission: www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk

[3] Éclore releases a separate press release statement; Sunday 10th July 2011

[4] Response to HFEA statement, other organisations and update; Sunday 10th July 2011

[5] To Hatch Lottery goes live; Saturday 30th July 2011

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